Best Creative Resume Formats

Are you having trouble landing the job you desire? Are you fed up of receiving rejection letters? You have all the skills to do the job but you don’t even make it to the preliminary interview? Chances are that your resume needs a revamp.

Take a look at these people who have created inspiring, creative resume formats that have won the hearts of employers worldwide.

Chen Zhi Lang

Best Creative Resume FormatsZhi Lang uses pastel colors and visual icons to showcase his skills. Using appropriate icons for each point he wants to make and the pencils to denote the level of his skills, he has made his resume simple, unique and eye catching. This kind of resume is made with the latest up to date technologies and design trends, with a minimal and clean design you can achieve really stunning results.

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Leonardo Zakour

Best Creative Resume FormatsLeonardo Zakour used a consistent design in his online portfolio, business cards and CV. He had his resume created into a foldable format that is not so commonly used. Using infographics, he is able to include all his vital information in one A4 sheet. The main trick is in the right information processing and structuring techniques, Leonardo Zakour obviously knows all the ropes, that’s why what he does is appreciated in the known design circles.

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Ana Laurenco

Best Creative Resume FormatsAnna also makes use of infographic designs impressively to share information about herself in a highly creative way. With the ingenious use of timeline for her work experience and education, pie charts for her skills and languages and the level of her skills in a dotted scale she gives the employer all the information he needs to hire her in one single sheet. Anna is able to comprice the arrays of information in just one single page of resume, that’s exactly the reason why infographic resumes are made.

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Errol Veloso

Best Creative Resume FormatsAnother one among the many creative resume layouts is this elegant and visually appealing resume of Errol Veloso. He has succeeded in bringing out his personality in his resume. His creativity, analytical thinking and love for harmony really comes out in the design. Errol Veloso can add up to the average look of plain resume like no one else, he structures the information into the clear blocks that are easily readable.

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Navdeep Raj

Best Creative Resume FormatsNavdeep uses cool colors to carefully divide his content. This helps employers skip areas that they don’t really want to know about and focus on what they are looking for. He uses all the elements of infographics such as timelines, bars, icons etc. On the whole, the design does initiate us to read it fully. With his efficient approach Navdeep Raj makes the resume templetes so that the information on them is easily digested by the reader.

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Leonardo Perez

Best Creative Resume FormatsThis fresh and cool design does bring out the designer’s personality into it. With a caricature of himself explaining himself, the cone chart that evolves from his brain explaining his skills and the chart explaining his work and education are all ingenious usages of infographics. What really blew me off is the excellent choice of colors. Leonardo Perez combines several approaches to the resume infographics creatation and creates compelling examples.

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Ariane Denise

Best Creative Resume FormatsProving that not just designers can create an innovative resume, Ariane Denise shows off her skills as a copywriter through this creative resume. Doesn’t this resume shout out ‘I am a copywriter’? Featuring the relevant achievements and awards it is hard not to hire a professional featuring that kind of infographic resume. With the visual appeal it is even harder to resist but take a look into content of the paper.

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Monika Gomes

Best Creative Resume FormatsEnding this article on creative resume formats around the world is Monika Gomes, an Illustrator and Video Editor. She really made use of her skills in illustrative arts while creating her resume. While being visually pleasing, it also shows the employers that she has the skill. Monica Gomes does not only craft the beautiful infographic templates she also add some graphic elements such as pics and icons, illustrations and other elements that can enrich the resulting resume.

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May these randomly chosen creative resume formats from the web has given you the inspiration you need to visualize your own innovative resume.