Best Creative Resumes for Designers

creative resumes for designers onlineThat one page document called the resume is much more important than you think. You may say it’s only an introduction to who you really are and that you have a portfolio to prove your design skills, but it is your resume that your employers look at first. It is your resume that tells the employers whether to check out the rest of your portfolio or not.

So take a look at your resume and ask yourself whether it is selling you as a designer? Does it really make your skills stand out? Is your unique style and creativity flowing out of it? If not, then you need to start working on your resume pronto.

First, let us look at a few resumes that have created an impact in the social networking sites for the brilliance.

A Glimpse at Few Creative Resumes for Designers

Best Creative Resumes for Designers Creative Resumes for Designers Creative Resumes for Designers Creative Resumes for Designers Creative Resume for Designers

Tips to Create the Best Resume

Before you hit your work stations to build the next greatest resume, take a few moments to go through these helpful guidelines.

The Simpler, the Better

Over complicating your resume with an exaggeration of graphics, colors, and fonts can do more harm than good. Remember to ensure that your design does not hide the rest of the data on your resume. A good design is not about confusing the reader but about ensuring maximum visibility of your skills. Ensure that the layout is clear and that the white space is used judiciously. But don’t mistake simple for boring.

Focus on the Information

The main aim of your design should be to highlight the information inside it. Also make sure you include all the necessary information the client is looking for. A resume should at least have your name, contact details, work experience, education and skills. But you can also include references, job descriptions, achievements and links to your online portfolios.


Stay away from cluttering your resume with eccentric fonts and multiple styles. Don’t forget the main aim is to highlight your information. That means your font should be as legible as it can be. Sometimes, firms use an automated system to shortlist candidates. These systems suffer with illegible fonts.

Be Consistent

Make sure that your style is consistent throughout. Your resume, cover letter, and portfolio should all follow the same font, style, spacing, color palate and numbering.

Be Yourself

Like an ad or marketing campaign follows a story line, your resume should have one too. Create your resume centered on the theme – ‘You’. The resume should showcase your uniqueness, that special factor which separates you from the rest of the competition.

Don’t Lie

In case you don’t have any great skill or accomplishment that you are proud of, then don’t mention them. Focus on what you are sure that you can do. Make that particular skill stand out in your resume.

Make it Printable

Using dark background colors and bright designs may look great online, but will it when printed? Most often employers print out the resumes to pass it on amongst colleagues to second opinions, in case your resume is not legible once printed, then all your efforts will go to waste. So always make sure that you design looks great in print too.

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