How a Creative Resume Design Should Look Like?

creative resume design onlineThe Internet is filled with examples of out the box, unique and creative resume designs that have helped many job seekers to land a job in top companies of their choice. While preparing a resume in the unconventional format, there are several questions that pop up in our minds. What format should I follow? How much information is too much or too little? Should I use black and white or colored fonts?

Though every decision depends on the industry you are applying to, there are several points you should keep in mind to make that creative resume design of yours really effective!


Even before think of what creative resume format you should try, you must research about the industry and company you wish to apply. Go through the job descriptions of the vacancies that you are interested in and find out exactly what they are looking for. Some job descriptions would have mentioned specifically that want the resume send in MsWord or PDF format.

Resume writing has become more like copy writing, so while going through the job description note down the skills they require and make sure you focus only on them while writing your resume. Look upon the words they use as the keywords for your resume. Researching on the company helps you understand their core values, bringing them into your resumes help the recruiters feel that you are what they have been looking for.

Don’t go overboard

Unless you are really willing to take that risk, over complicated and novelty resumes don’t get you the job. It will of course make you famous among the Internet community, but it depends on the mood of the employer whether you get the job or not.

Sending your resume as a puzzle is innovative, but if your employer does not have the time to crack it, he might just put it in the bin. Depending on the employer you may look creative and free thinking or exaggerated and conceited.

Be brief and simple

While writing your resume, you may be tempted to include every little thing about yourself, but don’t. In today’s highly competitive world where thousands of applications are send for every job opening, the employer does not spend more than 10 seconds to scan your resume. So find out what the employer is looking for and highlight that in your resume. Cut out anything that is not relevant. If it is a higher level job and you really want to show them all your projects and experiences, you can always give a link to your portfolio, or a personal website. You don’t need to cram up your resume. Short and simple is the key. Don’t make it longer than an A4 sheet.

Don’t copy

You may be tempted to copy a creative resume design that you saw on the web. Don’t. Chances are, if you saw it online, your employers might also have seen it. Sometimes, it might be the very employer whom you sending the resume to that created that design. Always bring your own creativity and personality into your resumes.

Correcting your language

Just because you send a highly creative resume doesn’t mean that you can get away with bad grammar, spelling and punctuations. Though simple, these mistakes will make your employers feel that you are uneducated, lazy or irresponsible. So always double check your English before you send out your resume.

Keep these simple tips in mind while you make your resume and you’ll soon bag that job you’ve been dreaming of. If you find that it’s too tough for you, don’t worry. There are always professional who will help you make that unique resume you have in mind.