Infographic Curriculum Vitae

Did you ever wonder how the ancient Egyptians applied for a promotion? Everyone knows that hieroglyphs were the norm back then. Who dares say they were behind? Today resumes are all about the VISUAL PACKAGE!
The Egyptians got something right – they knew the better the picture, the better its impact. Make the ancient Egyptians proud, continue the visual tradition in the 21st century.
What would King Ramses expect? Surprise even Osiris!
~ Well-chosen Buzzwords
~ Golden Keywords
~ Unique design and layouts!




"The Advantages of an Infographic Resume? ~ Incredible visual appeal ~ Immediate attention ~ Long-term retention ~ Readability & Clarity ~Effective presentation"

Why Us?

~ 100% Commitment
~ 100% Creativity
~ 100% Original Designs
~ 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
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Didn't expect that some ordinary text could become a set of graphic WOWness! Awesome! - Janice, Europe

Great work, love my new resume with all the schemes and graphs. It looks far more sufficient now, thanks!!! - Susan, Canada

Guys, you rock :) Your designer team surprised me a lot, keep it up! - Tina, Korea