Latest Resume Trends: Designs and Samples

Applying for a job in 2014 is not so easy. Not only do you have to posses the right skills and experience for the job, you need to be able to market yourself. So what if you don’t have a marketing degree, with the advent of social networking sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn, we have been unconsciously marketing ourselves already. Now, we need put a conscious effort in marketing ourselves for the job opening.

Every job application process starts with sending your resume to your client. This flimsy little A4 sheet that carries all your prized skills and achievements is going help your recruiter decide whether you get the job or not. Now, that is a lot of importance given to one tiny little paper. So, what you as a job seeker needs to do is make sure that your resume is the best out there, that it stands out of all the competition and that it really does sell you.

So, to help you in the quest to write the resume that will in short be a graphic representation of yourself, we have found out some of the latest resume trends currently available.

Infographic Resume

When infographics are used to graphically represent your data, then your resume is called infographic. Which means that you resume is rich with a mix of graphics, statistics, and texts. Using such graphics mixed with carefully selected colors and fonts make your resume a treat to viewer’s eyes. Here are a few samples of some infographic resumes:

Latest Resume Trends Latest Resume Trends Latest Resume Trends

Social Media Resume

Social media resumes are the next generation resumes that ensure that employers come to you and not vice versa. Social Media has enabled the process of recruitment to revert so that instead of job seeking processes, we now start to see recruitment drives.

With the social media resume, you’ll be able to create a whole image of yourself online to prospective recruiters. Start with creating an online portfolio or website and then link it to your social networking sites. Make sure that your resume is shareable. Now, your URL becomes your resume.

The advantage is that as it a website, you can include any amount of content in any medium of your choices. Photographs, videos, animations, however you want to express yourself, you can do it. Another advantage is the easiness to share your resume. Through online social networking sites, it is sure to spread.

Out of the Box Resumes

Maybe it’s because of the huge competition that job seekers have to face these days that a lot of unique, out of the box, creative resume formats are seen in the job market. Billboards, T shirts, hacking and even ransom notes have been used by some creative job seekers in desperation. While some love it, others feel it is too pretentious. But whatever it is, it has definitely made them famous:

Latest Resume Trends Latest Resume Trends Latest Resume Trends

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We wish you all the best from for a successful job hunt.