Our Beautiful Resume Design

If you think about what makes a beautiful and great resume design, the answer is pretty straightforward- Style, and lots of it. Some of the best resume designs are based on elegant but simple design ideas.

A beautiful resume format is a major asset. It stands out, it attracts attention, and it delivers good value for your readers. Like any good design, it looks great and it’s fully functional.

Resume Design Basics

Good graphic design and great resume layouts are the keys to a really beautiful resume. You can use a range of features to create a good presentation. You can create a beautiful resume format in Word, if you want to, with a bit of creative flair.


Let’s start with the basic design motif- Which style of resume would you prefer?


OK, now let’s consider formats. What sort of resume format do you want?

That’s really all the information you need to start designing a beautiful resume.

Designing Your Resume in Word

You can design your resume in stages. It’s easy in Word, and it’s a good way of experimenting with your preferred designs.

beautiful resume design

Depending on the type of resume you prefer, set up your basic headers. This is your basic design outline. You can use Margins, Columns, and other features on Word to design your basic header layout

A section is used to contain specific parts of your resume, like Objectives, Skills, Experience/ Work History, etc.

Do you want a sidebar, text boxes, graphic inserts, or other features? It’s easy. Experiment with layout options. Use View to see how your format will look, using Print Layout, Web Layout, Outline, Draft, etc.

You can manage your headers, text boxes and other features through the Word home tab. Check out large font headers, font types, and color usage.

With the Page Layout feature, you can have a lot of fun and be very creative with options like Texture on Page Color, 3D standout text, pictures and more. These features give you a huge range of options for possible resume designs.

This is easy. All you need to do is use the Insert feature to manage adding pictures, and Page Layout for text boxes. There are many design features you can use for your resume, try out a few, and see what you can do.

Editing Your Resume

You’ll soon see a lot of options you like for resume formats. When you’ve set up a basic Word document, enter your resume information and check:

You’ve made your beautiful resume design, claim it today!

Image credit: zilliondesigns.com