Resume 2016 – How a New Resume Looks Like

resume 2016 online2016 has brought with it a whole new level of resume writing and designing. It is not a surprise that it has evolved so much looking at the competitive job market and variety of applications available to the common job seeker to ensure that his resume makes a bang. The resumes have become more interactive, visual and compact. Let us find out how the resume 2016 looks like.

Vibrant Designs

The resumes have evolved from black and white written novels into highly colorful and design infused personal marketing documents. You can’t find a job in today’s insane market with just a listing of your skills, work experience and education. Your resume needs to stand out from among a thousand others to catch the eye of your recruiter. The resumes today have every element of design as that of an advertisement.


The resumes have also become comparatively shorter than it was previously. Employers no longer have the time to spend hours mulling over who to employ. Studies say that no more than 10 seconds are given to a single resume. This means that the job seeker needs to cut down flowery and fluffy content and only focus on what is necessary. User used and clichéd words such as hardworking, team player, talented are best avoided. Instead the resumes have specific achievements and skills only relevant to the job being applied for.


Another trend that has evolved is the insertion of graphic elements to represent written data such as skills, education and experience. Using charts, graphs, and other visual icons and pictures to represent your data not only makes it more interesting and visually appealing but can also be used to bring out your personality.

Responsive Content

Using a little bit of interactive content that forces your employer to give his full attention to your resume is also becoming very popular these days. Online resumes usually have elements where the user has to keep scrolling and clicking to open up hidden texts and popups. Some designers have even gone as far as creating a whole game as their resumes.


No resume is complete today without giving the links to online social networking accounts, websites and online portfolios. Some job seekers even give links to their previous work places. The employers need the information, as before short listing they are sure to check up on your online profiles. Going through your social profiles such as in LinkedIn and Facebook enables then to understand more about your personality, the articles you share, your groups and activities etc.


Sometimes job seekers use a video of them introducing themselves as a part of their resume or online portfolio. But some use video as the medium in which they create the resume. Video resumes are considered by many experts as the next generation resume format. Especially in this global world, not only does it give the employer all necessary information about the job seeker, it also allows them to understand their personality and body language without actually having an interview.

Make other jealous with your new resume 2016!