Some Cool Resume Designs

Looking for inspiration to design your 21st century resume? We have compiled a list of creative resume formats that have gone viral around the web. Just sit back and enjoy the creativity spurting out from them.

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Joe Kelso’s Movie Poster Resume

Cool Resume DesignsJoe Kelso used his resume as his secret weapon to landing interviews. It worked out so well that he even landed interviews for jobs that he wasn’t exactly perfect for! Anyway, his creativity paid off as he definitely got the attention some employers.

Sabrina Saccoccio’s Facebook Resume

Cool Resume DesignsWhen Sabrina Saccoccio sent this resume of hers created in the format of the Facebook profile page, she didn’t get the job. But the recruiter was so impressed that he shared it on blog so that someone else could offer her one. It really shows that if you take the time and effort to making a great CV, you will definitely reap the reward.

Eric Ghandhi’s Google Based Resume

Cool Resume DesignsWhen Eric Gandhi’s resume based on the Google format was shared by him on LinkedIn, an employee at, offered to help him get an interview there. Well, he got that interview. The fact that he used such a familiar design helped readers understand his content without any input from his side.

The Resume with a QR Code Video

Check out this video to see how this ingenious job seeker who placed a QR code in place of his mouth in his printed resume. Once the QR code is read into the web, it leads to a video of his mouth reading out his resume. Now if that’s not creative, I don’t know what is.

Melissa Washin’s Hand Stitched  Resume

Cool Resume DesignsMelissa Washin created this resume at her senior year in college in the hopes of landing a job as soon as she graduates. She brought an essence of her personality into the resume by showing her love for sewing. She ended up getting the very first job she wanted and now has a business card that matches with her resume.

Zhi Huai Shen’s Envelope Resume

Cool Resume DesignsThis creative resume by Zi Huai Shen is sent folded into an envelope. But as you open it, it shows his resume in pamphlet format. Once you’ve read it, you can fold it back into an envelope again.

Colm O Conner’s PromoBox Resume

Cool Resume DesignsWhat do you say about this creative way in which Colm O Conner introduces himself. Now that’s what I call thinking out of the box.

Martin Zarian Self Promotion Resume

Cool Resume DesignsMartin Zarian uses this creative technique to send a complete portfolio of his works. With an envelope showing his face, it opens into his CV and portfolio including a CD of his works. He really has thought it through.

Rebecca Liggins Paper Fold Resume

Cool Resume DesignsTake a look at Rebecca Liggins’ resume that folds into a book format. As a typography lead designer who specializes in paper engineering, nothing would have been more perfect for her.

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