Top Resume Formats from Our Experts

Trying to choose a modern resume format for a job application can be quite frustrating. You have to consider the specific requirements of the job, the amount of information you will need to provide, and then try to pick which format is best.

The good news is that the top resume formats, particularly those designed for the new generation of resumes, are really effective, and easy to work with. New resume design tools, better layouts, and above all a much better approach to managing resume information have made choosing resume formats a lot simpler.

The top resume designs are also excellent in terms of presentation values. The days of the old black-and-white, boring, highly restrictive resume formats are well and truly over. New resume designs are much more dynamic, and allow much better management of information than the old-style “straitjacket” chronological resumes ever could.

Resume Formats Overview

Easy readability is the main characteristic of this type of layout, and it can deliver lots of high-value information very effectively. These layouts are actually very similar to modern magazine layouts, and they are a truly economic, highly effective way of presenting information.

The top and good resume layouts are also very interesting, particularly if you want to create a really good resume.

The basic types of resume format are:

(Please also note that the expression “targeted resume” also applies to the process of targeting specific skills and experience by editing your resume to match job requirements.)

Choosing the Right Resume Format

top resume formatsA few criteria for consideration when choosing your resume format:

Remember to carefully consider the amount and type of information required in the job application, and choose your format accordingly.

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