Use or Not Popular Resume Formats?

Popular resume formats include the functional resume, the targeted resume, and the combination resume. There are also standard and  chronological resume format. It’s a matter of opinion which is the most popular resume format. They’re all good, in their different ways.

The fact is that popularity simply defines people’s preferred choices of resume formats. People prefer the resumes which work for them. Each of the popular resumes has its strong points and possible flaws, depending on your needs.

Choosing Your Resume

Let’s define the basic choices between popular resumes:

Functional resumes

Functional resume format is very useful for jobs which include a lot of skill sets. They’re typically used in highly competitive environments. They’re also useful for creating strong profiles. They contain multiple sections and a “philosophy” of using these types of information to emphasize superior skills.

They are undeniably highly effective, but they’re most effective for extremely experienced people in the middle to higher echelons of their professions. They’re not necessarily suitable for entry level jobs, in particular, where skill levels and experience are lower.

Targeted resumes

Targeted resumes are literally designed for specific jobs. They may include a range of skills, but they’re specifically created to target job requirements, hence the name. These resumes are generally for upper level jobs, particularly at executive level, for which they’re very suitable.

The basic idea of specifically targeted resumes is OK for lower level jobs. It’s a good approach to writing a resume. However, these resumes are really best for specialists and experts, who can target particular job requirements with their broad range of skills and experience.

popular resume formatsCombination Resumes

Combination resumes are a mix of standard format resumes, using chronological information for experience, and functional resumes. They can be tailored to match the needs of any job, and are often formatted to provide useful additional information in a competitive environment.

Combination resumes are good, simple resumes created to provide an all-round resume which is suitable for most types of job application. They’re “general purpose” resumes, and can be adapted easily. They’re easy to edit, too.

Choosing Your Resume

As you can see, all these different types of resume have advantages. The real question is which is best suited to your personal requirements.

Let’s use an example:

Consider a job in sales- You need to demonstrate performance, skills, and experience. You also need to demonstrate a track record in sales and industry experience.

Which resume do you choose?

This is the real basis for deciding on a particular type of resume. Use your judgment to pick the best resume for a particular job.

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