What Is Functional Resume Format

Functional resumes are called “functional” because they relate directly to the functional skills of a particular job. A functional resume format reflects specific job skills and other requirements.

Functional resumes are considered one of the most effective top resume formats. By using dedicated sections for specific job requirements, they are very easy to work with, edit, and can provide a very large amount of valuable information for employers.

Most HR experts consider functional resumes to be one of the best overall all-purpose resumes. This type of resume formatting can be used for the most demanding jobs.

Functional Resume Format Overview

In a functional resume, skill sets, in the form(s) of Knowledge Skills and Abilities (KSAs) are defined in sections, according to the job requirements. The use of separate sections makes functional resume formatting very flexible and highly effective.

If you look at a few examples of functional resume formats online, you will notice that these formats vary depending on information requirements. Basic functional resume formats are very straightforward indeed. These layouts provide spaces for KSAs information.

More complex functional good resume formats include “customized” use of space. The KSAs may include separate sections for different information requirements.

For example, an IT job application may require this type of functional formatting:

functional resume formatThis situation is where the superiority of functional resume format becomes glaringly obvious. Consider the amount of space which would be required to enter all this information in a conventional standard resume. The result would be a cluttered mess, almost unreadable, with a lot of solid text.

In many cases, skills requirements and other information have to be presented in bullet point form, simply because there is so much information required. Functional resume formatting allows much better, much more accessible, and much more easily readable presentation of information.

This is a far more efficient way of addressing essential job criteria, too. Consider a totally different type of work to the IT professional resume above, namely executive resumes:

You can see why the functional resume format is considered so effective. Your profession, you can use this resume format in any professional environment.

Upgrading to a Functional Resume Format

If you’re looking at upgrading your resume, it will be worth your while to consider a functional resume format. Take the time to evaluate the different types and styles of functional resume format and consider which is best suited to your needs.

Also, consider which functional resume format delivers the highest values in terms of expressing your skills, experience, and knowledge. When you upgrade to a functional resume format, you will be pleasantly surprised.

You can have far more better success with functional resume format today!

Image credit: ninjainfographic.com