What’s the Latest Resume Format? Infographic Resume

latest resume format onlineAn infographic conveys even the most complex and confusing data into simple and understandable structures. Using infographics on your resume makes it more interesting, visually attractive and grabs the attention of most readers. If you still haven’t found the job you are looking for, try adding a little bit of creativity into your resumes by making good use of infographics in your designs.

One among the latest resume formats, infographics has by far been the reason for most hires. Of course, there is a time and place for everything. Not every industry appreciates the goodness of infographic resumes. But if you are planning on creating an infographic resume for one that does, here are a few details on some of its components and how to use them.

Newest Resume FormatTimeline – Most infographic resumes have a timeline. They are most often used to show the person’s experience, education and achievements.

Photos – Recruiters always love to see a professional photo of yourself in your resume.

Headline/tagline – headline formats are mostly used in infographics to summarize the content.

Newest Resume FormatStatistics – Including percentages, numbers and ratios in your resume depicts how skilled you are more specifically than just mentioning information vaguely. For this, make use of graphs, bar charts, pie charts, etc.

Quotes – Featuring comments and testimonials from former employers, colleagues and clients is a great way to create a positive buzz about you.

Icons – using icons, images and logos wherever appropriate brings out a greater visual appeal to your resume.

Newest Resume FormatTag cloud – Tag clouds can be used to represent skills, expertise, tools etc. They are basically a pool of all your skills written in text in the form of a cloud.

Now, let’s look at some of the top tips to get the best out of infographics in your resume.

Reduce the Text

Keep your text at a minimum and make it as visual as you possibly can. Any text that can be converted into graphics should be made into a graphic. The information should be creative, interesting and legible to everyone who reads it.

Don’t Go Overboard

While converting most of your texts into images make sure that the mix of text and graphics is balanced. You should not forget that the main aim is to showcase your skill. Make sure that the information does not get lost in too much graphics.

Try a Combination of Elements

Make use the different infographic elements available to enhance the output. Use timelines for any information in years, charts for levels of your skills etc. Create a visual treat for your recruiter.

Be Consistent

Make sure that the fonts, the color palates etc are consistent. Don’t make it into a crazy mix of several graphics that don’t sync very well together. Finding the balance and maintaining the consistency is very important when it comes to visual resumes.

When done right, infographic resumes is the best format for you to showcase you skills, talents and personality to your prospective client. It is valuable tool worth learning.