What’s the Newest Resume Format? Infographic Resume

Newest Resume FormatWhat is the newest resume format you ask? Well, the coolest, and most happening trend in resume making today is the use of infographics. Infographics not only convert your resume into an extraordinary one, it also helps us process information faster with its use of images. As our brain recognizes visual images faster than text, you have a higher chance of getting noticed in the competitive job market.

Let us check out some pros and cons of the newest resume format:


Grabs Recruiter’s Attention

When you have just 10 seconds to prove yourself to the recruiter, an effectively designed infographic resume really helps. It stands out from the rest of the competition, motivating your recruiter to take a look at it. If you’ve done the job right and showcased all your skills as requested by the employer, then you will definitely have a shot at the job. Many professionals have come out with success stories of how their infographic resume helped them land the job.

Helps You Create Contacts

You can share your infographic resume online, in your social networking sites and with your contacts. A great design always travels fast and wide. Soon, you will be getting calls from companies who would want you for your creativity. It is also a great conversation starter and helps make new contacts, which is very important in job hunting these days.

Showcases Your Creativity and Skills

The infographic resume is not just any resume, it actually becomes a work sample if you are in the field of design, printing, copywriting or marketing. It is the best way to show that you have the creativity, design aesthetics, and skills for the job.

Sells Yourself

An infographic resume is a great way to market yourself to the recruiter. There are no specified resume formats or guidelines that constrict you. As a result, you can always include snippets of your personality in the design. The design should tell the recruiter why you are perfect for the job. Take care to use visuals that represent who you are and what makes you different from the competition.


Can Be Disastrous, if Imperfect

Designing an effective infographic resume is not as easy as it seems. There are many components that go into it such as typography, design aesthetics, spacing, styling and many more. If you are not skilled enough to create your own infographic resume, don’t! It is better to send a resume that is plain but perfect rather than an infogrpahic resume that has gone all wrong. You can always take the help of professional resume makers like us who will make the best design for you or use an online resume checker.

Not Accepted by All Industries

There are still many industries that do not accept any format other than MsWord. Industries such as banking and health still stick to traditional methods. Always research on the industry you are applying to before sending them an infographic resume. It is advised to always send a word version along with your infographic resume to reduce the risk.

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